Virginia Street is Published

My new book – Virginia Street – was published a couple of days ago and is the story of a Jew who came to England in about 1760 and who, for the following thirty years, was the Catholic priest in charge of the Virginia Street chapel in East London – on the site of the present News International carpark. In real life he also carried a secret that was ultimately to destroy him.

While Virginia Street is a novel that makes no claim to historical accuracy, many of the characters and events did occur. Being a Jew in England in the latter half of the 18th Century was difficult enough. Being a Catholic was almost worse. Emanuel was both. With anti-Catholic feelings running high, Emanuel learns of a plot that could lead to the deaths of many. His investigations lead him to suspect the involvement of a man who knows his secret and who wants him dead. Yet when the man is falsely accused of another’s murder, Emanuel must decide what to do.

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